Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You will regret

Have you ever been?
In a situation when?
You are like woke up from a long long dream.
And feels like wanna hurt and kill yourself.

When you let go of something priceless.
Very valuable in your life.
But you just realize when it belongs to someone else.
The one that you confident that might keep you on the right track of life.
The one that keep on praying.
Praying for the happiness of the love one.
Even though they themselves are suffering.
In order to keep you happy.
Ensure that you are always smiling.
Make sure that you have the greatest of all.

Nothing can change what had happened.
Nothing can turn back time.
We wish we could.
But we are just human being.

And why.
Why it happened.
If we could just wait for another second.
I will always be yours and you will always be mine.
Till death do us apart.

But then, we have to accept the fact.
That, what are meant to be not yours, will not still be yours.
What can we do is.
Keep on spending the quality time together.
It seems wrong.
But nothing else can be done.

So just pull the trigger..

p/s: it is just another story of what happened in the real life. it could be about you, you or me? or them? oh that's what we don't know. Could you all feel the wound?the hurt deep inside. the heart that are broken.

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