Sunday, August 15, 2010

A friend of mine. "You know who you are"

Has said, her last goodbye.
Its hurt.
For the sake of something that she loves so much.
For the sake of keeping the other heart very well.
She just good at it.
I knew it.
I know she did this for good.
Wish the best for you.
And hope you know that, i still hoping that, we will still be like before.
Like we used to be.

I just remembered every second we spend time together.
The time we used to hang out.
The time we had movie together.
The time you smoked, and i watched.
The time you laughed, and me too.
The time you cried, and we did cry together.
Just can't see you crying, while i am happy.

Cause you are just too good for someone to be with.
But someone who really understand how you act, why you do so, why you talk like that.
I wanna thank you.
For all your kindness.
All the sweet moments.
We had together.
I'm hoping that.
It will remain in your heart and memory.
Even though my phone number might not be available in your phone any longer.
And you do not sms me at all.

Love you dear friend. Only He know it.


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