Monday, August 16, 2010

I thought i was a fool for no one. oh baby i'm a fool for you.

When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you,
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength,
I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call,
Was standing here all along..

And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

I've loved you forever,
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never...
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun...

Just close your eyes
Each loving day
I know this feeling won't go away
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you..
This I promise you..

Over and over I fall
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldn't be living at all...

Every word I say is true
This I promise you..

Something to share, to read, and to understand.~


chynthia said...

darl..u make me feel touching!

Adibah kamal baharin said...

darl, why is that so syg ;(

Durratul said...

me too huhuhuhuhu

Adibah kamal baharin said...

huuuu~nape sume org touching ni syggg!!! ;((

chynthia said... strong darl,im here for u eventhough we're miles apart! *hugs*

atoy ah ding dong said...

haha,saje nk mnyebok
kaco si bedah ni

hondata-san said...

fool sometime gud for our life wat..being fool will mature our be fool,becoz its cool...:)