Monday, August 16, 2010

Blood and red.

Are made as one.

Diba and delly.
Are couple.
We use to sleep together.
I hug delly.
I kiss.
I use to laugh in front of him,showing some happiness inside.
He keep being loyal to me.
Anytime i need him, he will be there.
That's his promise.

I need him.
As much as how i need him.
I use to write in front of him.
I use to drop my tears.
He knows everything.
My expressions, my feelings.

Diba love you~
Don't leave me..
Would die for you..
Who will keep me company..
Who will see me laughing alone..
Who will keep on hearing my nag..
Who will see my tears dropping..

if you ever know..
I feel very lonely~
Got nothing to do..
I'm not used to this new routine of life..
I love the past..

When i used to use you everyday..
To do my work..
To chat with friends..
Have movies.

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