Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learning and working.

2 different activities.
With each enroll to something new that need to be discover and learn.

I enjoyed learning things. But in the meantime, i also eager to jump into a working environment.
I have my own reasons for things happened in my life which people might not know and i might not share with them.

I do appreciate things, people, moment, time, money, anything, but it has to be something that i like and something that is really meaningful to me.
But i do good things to people, and as usual, i always tend to get bad things back.
I don't know the reason why and why it keeps happening.

And now, i had receive a job offer.
Not a "high status" job. Just an ordinary receptionist and admin assistant.
Sigh. Its not that i'm not thankful, i am. Very. Gladly to get this job.
Cause my parents smile.
Smile why? I'm close, near, in front of them 24 -7.
Even though i myself did not satisfy, but at least, it makes them smile, i feel glad.

Sometimes i just realize, am i doing things for the satisfaction of other people or for my own utilization? My own satisfaction?
It seems not.
As what have been sing over on and on on and on~

QUe Sera Sera,
What ever will be,
Will be..
The future not ours to see~
Que SEra Sera,
What will be..
Will be..


Anonymous said...

kat petrol kiosk tu ke...?

Adibah kamal baharin said...

nope.hotel kecik kat kangar~