Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It takes two to tango~

Two to feel the warm, the touch, and the bond created.
Two to be close to each other, supporting and making the best moves.
Two to keep on moving, spinning, hugging.
Two to hold each other tight, avoid from mislead the steps.
Two to keep each other from falling apart, and hurt.
Two to care and to concern the perfection of the movement.
Two to dance in the rhythm of love.

It also takes two to be in love.

Two to love and to be loved.
Two to care and to be cared.
Two to hug and to be hugged.
Two to kiss and to be kissed.
Two to appreciate and to be appreciated.
Two to give and get the lesson.
Two to concern and to be concerned.

Its just two.
Because two is better than one.