Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't bother

Years ago, someone told me i should take caution when it comes to love.
I did.
But then, everything just ruining up my life.
What i did doesn't seem right.
Love and tears are made to be one.

Red flags come.
White flags up.
Win and lose.
Up and down.
All things are given partners.
Completing each other.
Completing each circle.
Completing one another.

All the pain the tears i've cried, and all the times that passed us by.
For some love is a waste.
For some its priceless.
None of words can describe the best meaning of it.

Falling out of love is hard.
Falling for betrayal is worst.
Broken trust and broken hearts.

By hurting others, don't you think that you yourself are hurts?
Keep on torturing yourself instead of other people.
You might discover that you are not happy at all.
Not even for a second.

to turn into evil devil takes you second, to be noble, take you thousand years.

P/s: this is my blog. whats written on it was what have crossed my mind.
some of it might be meaningful, some of it meaningless.
So don't bother.

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