Monday, July 19, 2010


is a gift.
Even though sometimes fighting and quarreling each other.
Less than a day, we will talk to each other back.

Same goes with me and my mother lately.
Pity her.
She is really stress about her only daughter who is really stubborn, selfish, keep on blaming her for what had happened.
For something that she stopped me from doing.

I do admit, i'm a bad girl mother.
I'm sorry for being such a bad daughter.
And i'm regret each time you are hurt.
You might not know each time we had war even if just talks war, it hurts mother.
I can't stand seeing you with your frust and disappointed face for having such an evil daughter.

But mother, you don't know.
My tears always fall when it did happen.
You don't know.
Cause you thought this daughter is really not a kind-hearted, evil devil girl.
Yes i am, but not towards you mother.

You are my only mother, the whole world are craving for a perfect mother, with endlessly love, touch, attention, care and concern, i do have everything.
Still, i'm not thankful with the "GREATEST GIFT EVER" a great mother like you.

I'm sorry for all tears that fall, sorry for my bad attitudes, sorry for not saying sorry at times, sorry for everything, sorry for not appreciating you at best.
I will, and will always be trying to be such a great great daughter ever for you mother.
The time is about to come.

Just wait mother.
No longer then i'll be the greatest girl ever that you might be proud of.
Someone that protect you from the threat out there.
Someone that will take care of you for each seconds of your life in the future.
Someone that will give the world to you, gold, earth, globes, loves,. all that you request for mother.

p/s mother, i love you. even though i'm not showing it, the deep inside of me you know that, i'll never ever stop loving you. And each time, i'm praying that you will always be beside, in front of me. Live the life forever with me.

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