Monday, January 11, 2010

Malam lagi 11 jan 2010

Makin banyak masa terluang bersama laptop ini.
Oh, hari ini kembali ke tadika!
so funny.
i love it.
Reminiscence the moment when i was in kindergarten.
It was awesome.
I live in my own way, had my own world.
Dream in my own dream, shared laughter with people.
Seems to be the greatest moment ever.
It was my lecturer for subject management of change who bring me back to kindergarten.
I heart u mam. Really. I adore u.
I'm so motivated each time i attend your classes.
Build up my confidence plz.

Life begin now as complicated as it can be.
What i can do now is just trying to cope with everything~
Thorny D~its time to start your new journey.

Thorny D


Anonymous said...

mariati: apa khabar kanak2 ribena?
d berduri: ...
mariati: children...
d berduri: yes!!!

Adibah kamal baharin said...

hahahhaha ngeng~ d berduri ~sedap kan nama tuh?