Thursday, January 21, 2010

I said~

Hey, i need someone to keep me company.
Hey, i am all alone all night long.
Hey, why is this keep happening?
Hey, this is not what i'm wishing for.
Hey, go to hell with this feelings.
Hey, i need you.
Hey, don't you need me?
Hey, please, i got lot more things to do than wasting my time thinking bout you.
Hey, i should go.
Hey, go from this burden.
Hey, it's burning me deep inside.
Hey, and you don't know.
Hey, what is happening.
Hey, am i lost in this journey?
Hey, yes.
Hey, now i'm alone.
Hey, where are you?
Hey, where have you been?
Hey, what had happened to you?
Hey, i did'nt see you for such a long time.
Hey, i'll take my bag and leave.
Hey, it's ended with sad wave.
Hey, goodbye.


the point-of-viewer said...

cantik poem ni... nape tak mintak aku temankan...?

Adibah kamal baharin said...

oh,ada org baca rupanya

the point-of-viewer said...

takkan ko nak aku persembahkan sajak ko kat CM?