Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Counting my days~ Can i?

Hari ini dah ternoktah tarikhnya 24 jun 2009.
Hampir dua minggu saja lagi cuti ku ini akan tamat.
Aku merasakan yang hati dan jiwa aku dah melekat sebati di rumah ni.
I dun feel like goin back to UiTM.
UiTM not in my heart.
Yes i am a part of UiTM family,haha but i dunno why i'm kind of hate to be there.
I dont know what is wrong with me and why do i hate that place so much.
Since the 3rd semester there, i realize that i hate every moment there.
But i try my best to adapt and cope with everything and act as usual.
As nothing is going wrong in any way.
So far, my life is not really that suck, but most of the time i feel depressed with my environment, people make me sick, study make me throwin out, but whathever it is,still i have to be patient and stand for another 2 more semesters to go to finish up my degree.
I don't know where i'm standing right now, am i on a correct path achieving what i ever dream of?
Actually i'm just following my fate when i received the letter to pursue my degree in Office System Management in UiTM. I don't know what i deserve and should be.
After finishing my degree,people told me that it is better for me to pursue with my master.
I don't know whether or not continue with master, and am i able to complete it and pass with flying colours?
Naaah~even for degree i feel so lazy and can't wait to complete it, how can i pursue my master?


demang said...

gua pernah lepak perlis
ngan sape lu jgn tanya

gua rasa
perlis tempat indah permai lah
tension free
compare ngan shah alam
it's a big different lah

so gua mengambil iktibar dari bapak gua sendiri
hidup yang penting tenang dan happy

Durratul said...

same like me dib..xnak blik xnak blik..huuuuu

really hate every moment??hmmm
jgn pk sgt la..tiap prkara yg t'jd tlh t'tls, DIA tahu yg t'baik utk kt dik...
ingat hidup nie indah sbnrnya..
mcm dib ckp kat k.dura yg pk org lain pk utk diri sndri dl..rite??

dib ada ms dpn yg crah keep it up

p/s:luv u dear...