Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30th june

It's da end of june.
Means dat july will come by.
And i hate it.
Haha guess la?
Actually because a a a a i'm very lazy to study maa..
It has been a long2 time i haven't touch any books..
Hehe..not any2 books, but only da education one la..
Why a?
Haha because there is nothing to be achieved during the holiday.
My mind keep thinking bout food at home screaming and begging for eating them, television calling me darling, handphone ringing and call me baby, friends come and pick me out, hoho..
Holiday is da most fun time guys, dun believe me?
Try get some holiday, and rest your mind, your body, totally rest ok!
Don't think bout stressful stuff..
Be enjoyable, haha ..laugh as long as u can, make other people laugh..
Like me, haha act as clown at home, make stupid jokes, just to see my mum laugh.
It's priceless.
Dear mum , i love you...

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