Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let the dreams remain as dreams.

I would rather choose to let the dream be dream.
And not turn to fact and what i have to face.

I'm not that strong enough to face all the challenges that comes.
I'm not as strong as you, you and you.

I would like to be as strong as you, you and you.
Who may not let people affect you in any ways that they will do so.

I would like to have the unique capabilities in you, you and you.
That i might not have right now.
And i have to learn it to be like you, you and you.

I would like to have a heart that will never be break like you you and you.
So that this world will not be able to break me in any ways.
So that i probably strong enough to face the truth behind each lies.

I would like to fake a smile like you you and you.
So that i can make people around me smiling and happy.
So that i can see they are happy instead of me.

I would like to speak in harsh words, like you you you.
But i rather speak softly and gently so that people can understand it in a proper manner.
And avoid from saying sorry after regret of my words.

I would like to be like you you you.
In fact, i just can't.
Mariati, sometimes i just adore the way you are.
How you stay in your own ways even though people are sicks of you.
How you remain calm meanwhile people keep crying.
How you have your strength, power, determination in you that other people might not have.
How you may live alone, while other people need companion.
I just adore the way you are, but i just can't be you.
Brave enough, strong, stubborn, but you may stand alone in your way and be in crowd while gaining people respects. Not like those who talks a lot, but stay in the middle of useless people.

Its just a dream of being you.
I'd rather dream of keep myself better.
And be in the middle of somewhere.
Surrounds by important people.
Who might build me up in the highest level of the world, work. and etc.

Diba, keep it up~
You're almost there.
Be someone you want to be.
Don't be someone people want you to be.
If they want you, they'll accept you the way you are.
If they do not need you, in any way you are trying to be what they want to, they are still rejecting you. urgh ;((((


Anonymous said...

dalam maksud...
siapa "you" yang kau maksudkan...?
everything is going to be alright...

Adibah kamal baharin said...

hahahah you is you.

Anonymous said...

erm... tak perasan ada nama aku... guhuhu...
thanks ko beri penghargaan dalam post ni...

Adibah kamal baharin said...

muah syg ;)

Anonymous said...

well, sometimes, kau akan jadi aku... kalau kau ada determination, courage and keinginan nak jaadi sekuat aku...
you will...