Friday, November 14, 2008


jawab soalan macam tak blaja langsung.
tapi, memang tak penah belajar pon.
ba** tol.

sources of failure:
  • lecturer's failure to teach effectively
  • teaching something that exactly out of the topic
  • se**** classroom, dirty slide
  • not in the syllabus
  • stupid slide
  • not using the book to teach
  • then ask to refer to the book to complete project
  • stupid ait?
  • poor environment
  • lack of interest to teach
  • lecturer's close to retirement
Effect of the failure of the lecturer:
  • i am fucking fail to answer the examination
  • 70/100 marks absolutely lost
  • failure of the subject of ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR
  • lost when answering the exam
  • blank
  • feel like dumb
  • i never learn the subject lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • first time i read the book was yesterday.
  • suck man

ps: to all the lecturer's do teach according to ur syllabus,
if not the student's will face the failure due to your failure to teach them.

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