Monday, December 13, 2010


I do not spend much time on you lately.
I'm sorry for neglecting you.

I'm thinking of the best way to spend more time with you.
With great contents to share with.
To fill the boredom of those readers.
Hey, i have readers?nahhhh~
perasan saja.

Hey yes, i have a story to share.
Today is quite a bad day for me.
Since yesterday i have been shocked by posted wrong letter to a wrong address!
Hell no!
Can u imagine i woke up yesterday morning and my heart pumped so fast.
It really got me nerves!

The whole day i can't stop thinking.
Tried to stay calm.
To smile even though hell its worried inside.
I just can't stop thinking.

Today, i feel quite relief since the courier services that served us at the office told us that i'll get back the letter by tomorrow! oh my goodness!
Thank you Allah.
Hey, its really a good lesson for me ogey!

I am really feel grateful since everything happened while i'm still during my probation period and it really teach me good experience.

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