Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to the beginning.

When we begin to forget things.
Think back where we started.
Think who were there to support us.
And those who stayed and those who left us behind.

When something ended, doesn't mean the world end.
Its the sign that it is a beginning of another series of the story.
Something that you never discover earlier.
That there is something waiting ahead in your future.

Whatever happens.
Whenever it starts.
Remember, we will always need to go back to the very beginning.
Because it's the starting point of everything.
The beginning create us to be who we are now.

Be grateful for the parents you have.
Be thankful for what they did to you.
Be aware of how they feel.
Be responsible when they get old.

Remember, someday we'll have kids,family.
Believe in karma.
What you give you get back.
Put your parents ahead of anything else in the world.

Like i said, back to the beginning.
If there is no them, then there will be no you :)

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