Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saye membace post beliau, durratul fauzi~

Hee she is my lovely sister i ever had.
Due to only eldest brother that i only have, i have assumed her as my own elder sister.
And i love her. Yes, true.
She is too kind with me.
All the goods belong to her. Yes, she is complete with everything.
The only sister that i respected when i was in my class.
You might know why.
She is too humble, honest, loyal. oh no. she's great.
No word best describes her.
Love you durratul ain ;)))


cik fia said...

she's my housemate!
luv her too

Durratul said...

ba...ko buat kdura b'air hdung tau..tinggi sgt pujian tu untk kdura..xlayak pun dpt pujian mcm nie...biasa ja ba tp i always try to be da best sis to all of u...sbb korang baik sgt ngan kdura..thanks ba...luv u too...muah

Adibah kamal baharin said...

fia~heee she's great isn't it?

kdudu~alolollo dun be sad la lallinggggg~~~~heeee . kdura mmg baek dgn ba, n i really appreciate people kindness ;)))
tak terbalas.