Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't have much to talk and write. bebet bebet ouhwah?

Been quiet for such a long time.
Busy with the course sponsored by UiTM.
Spending 8 hours stucked in the computer laboratory.
Bored. yes. totally. indescribable.
Focusing on the monitor.
Speak alone. laugh for silly things.
Facebooking is such a routine. can't keep my eyes of it.

First exam for one professional certificate, passed.
Not really good results, but glad i passed.

Looking forward for passing the second certificates.
Jobs. Vacancy. Surveying.
Seeking for suitable jobs offer and great opportunities ahead.
Or just sit still waiting for the masters offer. then pursue again.
study again?
omg malas sungguh.

Then what should i do lah.
Work don't want.
Study but lazy.
Married?oh impossible.

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