Monday, July 27, 2009

bout today is heavily raining, and its cold outside..

I woke up in the morning with ma blanket cover all over ma body.
It was a cold morning.
Rain is fall heavily outside ma window.
Take a look outside and felt a lil bit calm and thankful.
I felt quite bored by just sit still in home and doin nothing.
Wana take a breath of the air, but feel very lazy.
I am lazy of doin anything.
Better sit and doing nothing.
Looking at my mum doing her work, i feel thankful she's still standing there for me.
Whenever i need her, whenever i feel weak, whenever i have good things to share with, she is always there for me.
Hurm, today i would like to ask her to keep me company to go to the shop.
haha shoppg for the becoming eid.
Can't wait for that moment.
Every moment i spend at home nowadays i feel like it is very priceless.
No words can explain how i feel.
Sometimes i wondering how am i gonna cope with this semester.
Such a tiring semester with lot of things to think about.
With this sudden holiday that UiTM give me, it is not helping at all.
Not a right time to be on holiday.
Lot of things still not yet completed.
Let go some of the burden. Sigh. Hurm again.
I will try to improve ma performance this semester.
Be the best for one last sem.
Coz i don't know what is coming for me in the future.
Maybe today i am hardworking, tomorrow i am the laziest.
Maybe today i am stronger, tomorrow i am da weakest.

p/s :smile always

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