Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I believe:

In "things happen for reasons".
And Allah left all the remaining for us to think of the "why" questions.

Believe that when HE give someone in your life, HE have something to do with it.
And believe that HE knows what's best for you, that you might not discover on your own.

You, should be grateful if HE sends you the one, the chosen one.
That might be able to lead you, be in the front line, to guide you.
The one that can handle you.
The one that can accept you, at your best, and the worse time.

The one that can simply say, YES I DO.
And say to you, Baby please say, YOU DO TOO.

When the time comes,
and you realize.
Out of everything, you try to do the very best, only for the chosen one.
Even though you had a bad time before and you regretted everything.

But when the time comes,
You forget everything else.

What matters for you is the chosen one.
Full stop.

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