Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lesson no 2: Pity

Okay, today i wanna share about the feelings of how pity i am to one of my boss.
Always trapped in the middle of other's decision.

He or she has to be the "speaker" or "deliver" of the message till he or she has been misunderstood and people view of what he or she said was wrong and should not be that way.

It should be like this i guess, when you feel that it is wrong and you want people to do the exact way that you want and need, please, provide them with a clear guideline as to make things proper and everything goes right.
To be fair and square. So that, mistake is to be reduced and job is to be perfectly done. isn't it?

Advice no 1: Don't simply use another person to be a speaker of what you required from other people. Use your own power to speak out.

Advice no 2: Straightly issue a memo or notice of request as such to ensure that people do the way you want it.

Advice no 3: Don't burden somebody with the responsibility that does not belongs to them, and to carry the feedback and misunderstood among people which disagree with the new policies and procedures. *it might creates crisis among people who shouldn't be affected by the decision you made.
Advice no 4: i think enough for today. The advice is to be continued tomorrow.

I'm not trying to criticize people, its just an ordinary observation in which things could flow in a correct way and does not affect the people that should not be affected. Pity those who have been blamed and pointed fingers due to other's requirement and needs to ensure the perfection is come from their part.

Again Allah, thanks for another gift YOU gave :)

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