Friday, January 14, 2011

Another one to leave us,me and the family :(

Dear Aqma,
Even though you've been there for a short while, i feel that i've known you for ages.
Thank you very much for being such a great office mate.
To laugh and share story with.
To ease the burden when i'm feel sad and alone.

I want to write you a card, but seems that i'm so busy with everything.
So i decide to write in my blog.
:) Want you to read it and know it.

You will be leaving soon, but remember me in each step you take while moving forward.
Friendship we build will remain till the end of time. :) Amin.

Remind me to remember you.
And i'll remind you to keep remembering me! :)

Keep in touch, bersentuh2!
Thanks again for the cute LOVER BOX.
Me really like it.

Dear Aqma,
remember, one door closed for another great door to open for you.
It's a bright new life is waiting out there for you.
Believe in me.
I wish you all the best.
Forget all the past.
Delete all the rubbish memories.
Keep our laughter in your diary :)
Read it everyday, make yourself laugh a while, you'll feel much better.

Imy, love you dear friends.

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