Saturday, March 13, 2010

Entri hati.

I wish i can be that diamond. Valuable. Priceless.
and not the stones with no value at all. and its just can be a nice decoration.

I give you in complete, unfragile.
you returned it back. and crashed it hard.
Yeah, maybe its not too hard.
I'll go away. far.
too far so that nobody can look for me.

Yes i will, sit alone.
Along this while i'm always, alone. and on my own.
Myself. just me. not with you.
I keep talking on my own.
Wish you were here. But you weren't.
And i realize, in front of me not you.
But a huge mirror. I'm hallucinate.

Hatiku hancur mengenang dikau..
berkeping keping jadinya..


Anonymous said...

nangisla atas bahu aku...

joluvcyn said...

nape ni darl,x mau sedih2 :(

Durratul said...

np nie dib???alolololo meh sini meh

Adibah kamal baharin said...

pok~thnx 4 da offer :D

cyn~hhiih tah la syg..hahahha prob sket kot..

kakdudu~huhuhuh tatau la sis..