Friday, October 2, 2009

Pondok2 aidilfitri~

Ini warga kelas ku~
haha dari yang paling atas itu chynthia,she's ma ex rumet.
beside her wit spec is edna, bel and astri da clown of the class.
da 2nd line from behind starting from left is edmund, the only sweetest guy in da class, sha, ain,
aji,fiza, tipah, tikah, da gebu dura, and da wife "ami"~
in front some more with red shawl is amna, nara ma besties, mun da funky, miza, me da unique one haha and, ikim, yat da director and mimi.

dis is mariati, da jerk. hahah not jerk, kidin darl.
she's da weirdest in da class.
hard to interpret her attitude

Proceed wit this one, haha while stop at the block, sit and snap!!
hahha butt wit butt~ teettt...
"We wish we could fly"
me n ma besties, nara~
hahahah dream of da day.
fly to the top of our faculty.

The sweet little girl here named fiza.
haha any guy who interested just let me know.
she's ma housemate currently.

Now, the red shawl is the wife to somebody, ahha don't ever dream of disturbing her k,
or i'll smash ur head! ami and miza~

Oke, haha over here from the left is ikim, me da undone, and mun.
They r cool and awesome.

Haha let us c what i have here.
Da guy named edmund, and the girl with chocolate baju kurung is her wife.
hahaha i'm her honey buny~haha kidin.
da girl in purple is edna!!

Yat da coolest director, me and shahafiza.
single and available.

Da gurl in red, from left tipah, me da undone and amna.
All already taken. sory guys.haha

Me da undone and si cecep. Nara. ahhahaha

Me and kecik!!!! Nisa~
she's cute and funny~
love u darl.

Dura da famous n me~
hahaha love u sis~

Me da undone.

Da totally undone.
what am i doin?
think by urself.
hiding by the tree.
dear omb55a, love u all..
gonna miss all da moment dat we've spend together.
sory if i've done wrong.
another pic i'll upload in other post~


Anonymous said...

antara post paling haru pernah ku baca... dari hujung keyboard mu...

yaT yusoff said...

aku pown trharu jua...

Adibah kamal baharin said...

thnx darl~